Transplanting trees in Colorado

tree spades

Transplanting your trees, don’t cut them down!

Colorado Tree Spade specializes in tree transplanting.   Saving trees  and the environment by moving trees verses cutting them down.  Our Eco friendly company is proud that every project we complete is a benefit to our environment.  Saving trees is a huge service to our state and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for instant shade, Instant treescaping, instant gratification? Would you like to surround your environment with a “forest” of mature trees in a matter of hours or days? How about the ability to move trees from one location to a more advantageous location. Colorado Tree Spade can help you accomplish any of these goals.

Why wait years for trees to grow? Let us help you add beauty and value to your property now. We can bring privacy, help you to block unsightly views, or open up a desirable view by moving / tranplanting trees.

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