The Bigger Digger

The Bigger Digger

The Largest Tree Spade in the State of Colorado

A Spade for Every Need

A Spade for Every Need

Models from 24 to 124 moving trees from 4 to 40 feet tall

Home Tree Removal

Home Tree Removal

Relocating trees to compliment the bueaty of your home

Relocate your Trees, Don't Cut them Down!

Moving trees for homeowners and commercial properties from 10 foot to 40 foot onsite or across town.

Beautiful tree in the wrong spot? Create a picture-perfect landscape

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Save a tree, and save money on transplanting your tree

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Enhance your development Create goodwill with the local community

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Spades for rent and purchase See our inventory

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Tree Transplanting

Big Tree Moving and Large Tree Transplanting Service

Relocate your trees, don’t cut them down!

Join our growing team!

Colorado Tree Spade is a Denver based tree moving and transplanting company with the state’s largest fleet of tree spades and tree transplanting equipment. Learn more on our online brochure.

Colorado Tree Spade as featured on Cool Tools Mega Machines II

Tree Transplanting

Colorado Tree Spade specializes in tree transplanting. Saving trees and the environment by moving trees versus cutting them down.  Our eco-friendly company is proud that every project we complete is a benefit to our environment. Saving trees is a huge service to our state and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for instant shade, Instant tree-scaping, instant gratification? Would you like to surround your environment with a “forest” of mature trees in a matter of hours or days? How about the ability to move trees from one location to a more advantageous location. Colorado Tree Spade can help you accomplish any of these goals.

Why wait for years for trees to grow? Let us help you add beauty and value to your property now. We can bring privacy, help you to block unsightly views, or open up a desirable view by moving / transplanting trees.

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Tree Spade Sale and Rental

Colorado Tree Spade offers a variety of large tree moving equipment for rent and for lease.

Want to expand your fleet of tree spades or lease a tree spade for short-term use? We can provide tree spades and tree transplanting equipment for any sized tree. View our inventory of tree spades for sale and lease.

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Tree Removal

If you are wondering how to cut down a tree or how to remove a tree, find out first if it can be saved! If there is an unwanted tree on your property, Colorado Tree Spade can help find an interested party who will cover the cost of the removal for you, helping them find the perfect tree for their space and helping you remove an unwanted tree at no cost, all with an environmentally-friendly solution.

Alternatively, you may be able to donate your tree to a local church or non profit and receive a tax deduction for your gift! Save the tree, restore your view, get a tax deduction! A much better alternative than cutting down a tree!

Fill out the form on our website to tell us about your tree-removal project.

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Client Testimonials

L. Hagerman – Colorado Springs Utilities – “Many thanks to Jeff and his skilled operation of the equipment! We are very pleased…”

T. Fochtman – Homeowner – “Jeff is a magician with that spade”



Big Tree Blog

Learn more about moving big trees and tips for keeping your large trees healthy and beautiful.

Yes, you can move trees up to 40 feet tall in a few hours. It’s easier than you think and cost effective too. Move trees across the yard, or across town with 90%+ survivability. Tree removal is quicker and safer when you can relocate the tree instead of cutting one down. Further, if you mustRead More…

Did you know moving trees by spade increases the chances of survival by over 50% compared to burlapped or bagged trees? When you move a tree by spading, you minimize the distrubtion of the roots in the soil, which keeps the roots moist, and strong. Compared to balled and burlapped trees which jostle, shake andRead More…

So you are ready to transplant your first tree and move it to a new location! What can you expect in relocating the tree? How do you prepare to move a tree? Here are some of our best tips to so you can know how to move a tree. The Day Before: Just like preparingRead More…

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