What size trees can you move?
Colorado Tree Spade Inc. has the largest fleet of tree transplanting equipment in the state.  We can move trees from 4 feet in height to approximately 40 feet in height depending on species of tree and accessibility of the job site.  These heights compare to 4” to 20  plus inch trunk diameter.  The tree transplanting industry measures trunk diameter approximately 8’ up from the ground.

What time of year is best to move trees? 
When all the leaves have fallen from the trees is the quick and easy answer to this question.  Late fall, early spring and winter time (weather permitting).  Often times circumstances don’t fall within the ideal tree moving season.   Weather permitting trees can me moved anytime of year, it’s just not the most  ideal timing.

How much notice must I give you to transplant my tree(s). 
The earlier in the project the better.  Our equipment must have open access to the tree and the new location.  Other structures such as buildings, fences  or other landscaping can block our access, therefore getting the trees transplanted early in the process avoids any of these issue.

Colorado State Law requires a ticket through UNCC prior to  any digging into the ground .  These utility companies are allowed 3 working days to complete marking underground utilities.  Therefore 3 business days is minimum notice required to get a tree transplanted.

How often should  I water my tree after transplanting? 
It is best to water the tree in immediately after the transplant to avoid any of the newly cut roots from drying out.  Watering once a week for the first 4 to 6 weeks after transplant and approximately every 2 weeks for the next few months.  Watering every 3 to 4 weeks thereafter depending on weather conditions and soil.

What is the value of my tree?   
This question has no specific answer.  The right tree in the perfect location is priceless, yet the perfect tree in the wrong location is worthless (in that location).   Transplanting a tree to the ideal location makes it invaluable.

What do I need to do to my tree prior to transplanting it? 
Pre-watering the tree several days prior to transplant makes for a more successful transplant.  A slow soaking of water so that the water seeps to approximately 5 feet is ideal.  Move anything away from the tree for a radius of 5 to 10 feet depending on the size of tree being moved.  This includes, gravel, rock, boulders, plants, fences, or any other miscellaneous items or structures.

How deep do you dig when using a tree spade to transplant my tree? 
Depending on the size of the tree, and therefore the size of the spade machine being used, we dig between 4.5 feet and 6.5 feet deep.

Can you dig through concrete or asphalt to move my tree? 


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