About Us

Colorado Tree Spade has been transplanting trees in Colorado and across the U.S since 1984. With the largest fleet of tree moving machines in the state, we have a machine for your every need. From a model 34 to the model 124 ( the largest machine available in Colorado) we can transplant trees from 3” in diameter to a diameter of 24”. This translates to trees from 3 feet in height to over 30 feet.
Need to move a tree to the other side of the yard? Want a tree from across town in your yard? Is a tree blocking your view? Do you have a tree intruding into your driveway? Call Colorado Tree Spade to help you solve these issues and save your tree!

Architects, developers, contractors, builders, city and state governments, nurseries, landscapers, home owners and business owners, is there is a tree in the way of progress or development? If so, let us move it. Need a beautiful mature tree instantly? Call us!


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