Tree Spade Equipment For Sale and Lease

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Tree Spades for Sale or Lease

Are you interested in increasing the size of your fleet of tree spade equipment or using the equipment for short term lease?  We have various sizes and models of machines for moving and transplanting  any size tree from small to very big trees.

Units available for purchase to serious buyers only.

Large equipment available for lease for ongoing development  or other landscape projects  require specialized training certification provided by Colorado Tree Spade Inc.

100″ Tree Spade – One of the largest mobile tree movers in the United States

This unique piece of landscape equipment digs a  rootball over 8 feet in diameter, weighing over 23,500 pounds.   This machine is capable of hauling trees down the highway fully loaded to new locations.


Model 90 Big John  Transplanting machine on a 95 T800 Kenworth

Model 90 transplanting machine digs a root ball weighting approximately 12,000 pounds.  This is a very versatile piece of equipment, perfect size for most average to large trees  up to a 12″ trunk diameter.

75″ Spade (5th Wheel Mount) for Sale or Lease

24″ Three Point  Tractor Mount Spade Ideal for projects around the home

Ideal spade for all those trees sprouting up on your property up to 3″ in trunk diameter.

34″ Skidster Mount Machine For Lease only

Our clients find this to be an ideal piece of equipment to lease.  The machine digs trees up to 4″  trunk diameter very successfully, with the ideal soil conditions this diameter could be increased.    Call for information on leasing this machine from Colorado Tree Spade.


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